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Hi, thanks for visiting Tropical Escapes! Let me introduce myself, I’m Patricia Perkins, Founder and Director of Tropical Escapes. Born in Athens, Greece and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, I graduated from the Evergreen State College in 1999. I then moved to Washington DC to teach 1st grade with Teach for America - a truly wonderful, intense life changing experience - and earned my Masters Degree in Education. In 2001, after completing my two-year contract, I moved to Dominica to teach at a small school there - another fantastic, transformational experience. Three years later I moved to the nearby island of St. Lucia as a PADI Scuba Instructor and founded Tropical Escapes in 2005. I am now married and have beautiful twin boys, Jace and Mateo. We are based in Martinique.

Tropical Escapes was actually my friends' idea. I loved putting together itineraries of all the "must do's" for them when they would come on vacation to visit me. I wanted to make sure that each trip would be "the best time ever!" They asked me if I had ever considered sharing my love for, and knowledge of, the islands with others by offering vacation planning services. This got me thinking. Wouldn't it be fun to combine my organizational skills, passion for the islands and all they offer with adventure tours and yoga retreats!

Yoga has been a part of my life since I was 15 years old. From the first class I knew there was something intense, real and important about connecting to the present moment through the linking of mind, body and breath.  I have had the opportunity to study many different disciplKundalini, Ashtanga, Bikram and Iyengar yoga. Yoga is a part of me and I feel fortunate to be able to share it with others both through my own instruction and through partnering with other instructors and studios that want to bring their practice to these beautiful, tranquil islands for unforgettable retreats offering a balance of relaxation and fun!

The natural beauty and rustic charm of the island has captured my soul. I feel fortunate to be here and to have become a part of the communities where I’ve lived. It has been a fun, exciting ride so far and the enjoyment that I get from combining the things that I love – traveling, yoga, experiencing other cultures and sharing these things with others – has been tremendous.

I truly appreciate all that these islands have to offer, from the amazing people to the laid back vibes to the outdoor activities to the breathtaking sunsets over the Caribbean Sea...I have absolutely fallen in love with these islands and am excited to share their unique beauty and culture with you. So come and experience a true Tropical Escape, our real retreats and authentic adventures are waiting for you!
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