Viewing the Pitons by boat Group sailing in the Caribbean Caribbean Sea
Suite at Villa Capri, St. Lucia
Enjoying coconut water at Jalousie beach, St. Lucia
The mango tree at Stonefield Villas, St. Lucia
A beautiful sunset over the Caribbean Sea
Packing Tips and List:

Make sure all of your travel documents are in order and in a safe but accessible place. This includes a valid passport, driver's license, airline tickets and/or boarding passes. A pocketbook or outside pocket of your carry-on bag is ideal, since you'll need easy access at the airport and upon arrival. Be sure to pack copies of prescriptions for medications, which should be carried in their original containers.

In your carry-on bag, pack your toiletry bag and at least one change of clothing, as well as a bathing suit. In the Caribbean it is not uncommon for your luggage to be delayed at the airport.

Bring some small bills for tips and cash for cabs and other services. ATM card will enable you to withdraw local currency rather than having to exchange US money.

Choose a full-sized suitcase or soft-sided luggage bag. Wheeled luggage is best, since some Caribbean airports require you to deplane on the tarmac, while others feature long walks from the gate to ground transportation. Some of the properties and individual villas are spread out, meaning a hike to your room so wheels are handy!

Rolling your clothes to prevent wrinkling and to save space. Pack the following basics: socks and underwear (bring a few extras so you can change on hot days), at least two pairs of cotton, khaki, or linen pants (these are lightweight and dry quickly), a couple pairs of shorts and t-shirts. For evening bring a light sweater or jacket as it can get a bit cool.
Capri pants are a cool compromise between shorts and slacks. Bring at least one nice dress for evening. Leave expensive jewelry home, or use the in-room safe when not wearing.
Men: Pack some collared golf shirts, preferably in light colors with simple patterns. You can wear them anywhere day or night, even under a light suit jacket for a fancy dinner.

For the beach, pack at least two swimsuits (nothing more annoying than putting on a soggy bathing suit, which dry slowly in the tropics), a pair of UV-rated sunglasses, waterproof sunscreen (SPF 30 minimum), a brimmed hat (to protect your head, face, neck and ears from the sun), and a sarong or wrap (for women). Also bring some aloe vera to soothe the inevitable sunburn. Do remember that swim wear should be reserved for the beach!

In your toiletry bag, besides the usual toothbrushes, razors, deoderant, and feminine items, don't forget to pack lip balm (hot sun equals chapped lips), bug spray and after bite cream (especially useful for hikes or other inland activities). If you are a light sleeper and not used to the night sounds of the tropics you might want earplugs.

Tennis shoes, hiking books, flip-flops, sandals, water shoes/tevas and at least one pair of dressy shoes for evenings

Bring a compact umbrella or a light, waterproof hooded jacket , flashlight and water bottle

Pack a camera and film in your carry-on. Bring plenty of film and/or digital media from home; these can be expensive in the islands.
Snorkeling gear - not a must but if you have it bring it!

Bring a small backpack or cloth bag along to throw your stuff in when you head to the beach or off on an excursion
A journal, sketch pad, pens, paints, etc.

Within reason, pack light. The less you pack, the less you have to carry. Most clothes appropriate for the Caribbean are lightweight to begin with, and can be worn more than once on a trip

Don't pack camouflage clothing: many Caribbean countries, including St. Lucia and Dominica, prohibit civilians from wearing camouflage.
For Yoga Retreats - Although you are welcome to bring your own, mats, straps, blocks and blankets are provided at most retreat venues (you will be informed if they are not!). Everyone should however bring a beach wrap or thin blanket to cover up with for Shavasana
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