Bedroom in the Almond Cottage, Balenbouche Estate St. Lucia Bathroom at the Balenbouche Estate, St. Lucia Estate house at the Balenbouche Estate, St. Lucia
Meghan Telpner
Torallie Waterfall, St. Lucia
Retreat group lunch at The Balenbouche Estate, St. Lucia
Mamiku Gardens, St. Lucia
Yoga in the Caribbean
Balenbouche Estate, St. Lucia
Beach in St. Lucia
The Balenbouche Beach, St. Lucia
Yoga at the Copra House, St. Lucia
Rainforest, St. Lucia
Sunset in St. Lucia

Nourish Your Soul ll
Hosted by:
Meghan Telpner

Island: St. Lucia

Date: February 13-20, 2010

Accommodations: Balenbouche Estate
Retreat Overview:

This retreat is ideal for people who have already attended Nourish Your Soul I , have a basic foundation in holistic health principals and/or nutrition, or who simply find the dates of this trip more suitable than Nourish Your Soul I . There are certainly no prerequisites to this holiday other than packing your bag and leaving your worries at home.

Through sharing of information, experiencing this magical island together, taking time to be still and enjoy the natural and magical beauty that surrounds you in St. Lucia and at Balenbouche Estate, you will have the opportunity to completely and fully unwind and let go.

Taking this time away from the stresses and routine of every day life, creates the space we need to gain new insights, find new solutions and achieve a clearer and calmer perspective on our current states as well as on our goal and ambitions for the future. Nothing refreshes quite like a dip in a rain forest water fall or a sunset swim in the sea.

This week in St. Lucia will be a rejuvenating change retreat that will introduce you to new experiences, new information, new skills, and help you to evoke new visions and goals that will catalyze positive changes you never could have imagined.

The beautiful island of St. Lucia will allow you the opportunity to unwind, explore and play. This week will positively influence the way you live your life and that affect will radiate to the others you share your life with. This retreat is a blend of some of the most healthful life giving practices, combining nutritional education, yoga, meditation, organic food, rainforests, waterfalls, seawater and sunbathing, cooking and delightful light and enlightened discussion.

You will be taken care of in every sense.

Food and Nutrition
Daily nutrition lectures are central to the retreat and will cover topics the healing powers of whole and super foods, therapeutic use of herbs and foundation in herbal medicine, eating to maximize nutrient intake and absorption, experimenting, sampling and demo-ing various food holistic food preparation techniques, cleansing and detoxification practices with foods, lifestyle and herbs, and how to prepare for healthy living and healthy eating once back at home.

By the end of the week you will know:
The incredible healing properties of whole foods
What superfoods should be included in your diet
How to use herbs to make your own medicines and their powerful uses
Basics on healthful and safe cleansing and detoxification
Basic disease prevention with whole foods and herbs
How delicious freshly prepared, locally grown food can be
How to live the best life ever!

Yoga and Meditation
Regular yoga and meditation practices can be incredibly powerful in establishing an internal environment that enables and encourages healing. Each morning of the retreat, we will begin our day with a vigorous yoga practice focused on increasing metabolism, circulation and detoxification. Drawing on her training from various instructors, Meghan flows smooth sequences together for yoga that is accessible and challenging to any level of experience, encouraging participants to practice at a place that is gentle and kind to where they are on any given day. The 75 minute yoga practice will be followed up with a guided meditation focusing on relaxation, breath and healing. On a physiological level, this combination of yoga and meditation has been proven to lower stress, increase immune function, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, improve digestion and ultimately improve quality of life overall.

Meghan Telpner:

Certified Nutritionist and Holistic Lifestyle Consultant
Meghan Telpner runs a private practice in Toronto, Canada where she provides an array of nutritional and lifestyle services. Meghan uses food as medicine for its' inherent healing properties, providing the body what it needs, while incorporating lifestyle modifications to help bring the whole person into balance.

Prior to attending The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, where she graduated with First Class Honours, Meghan earned an Honours Bachelor of Applied Arts and was awarded the University Gold Medal from Ryerson University. Meghan is the nutrition blogger for The National Post (one of Canada's National newspapers) and shares daily nutrition information on her own site Making Love In The Kitchen

In addition to her formal education, Meghan has studied the practice of Vedic Meditation and has broadened her understanding of the mind's power over the body with courses on Vipassana meditation and the Mindful Wellness Stress Reduction Program. She has also studied and practiced yoga with some of greatest instructors including Bryan Kest, Sean Corne, and Shiva Rea.

Meghan's enthusiasm, charisma, positive energy and dynamism are truly motivating and inspiring. Meghan excites people to make changes that have amazingly positive influences on how people live their lives.

Daily Schedule:
8:00-9:30 Yoga
10:00 Brunch
11:00-3:00 Excursions and/or Free Time
3:00 Afternoon tea
4:00-6:00 Nutrition and Lifestyle workshops and discussions
7:00 Dinner
8:30 Guided Meditation
Itinerary & Optional Recommended Excursions:
Sunday - Arrival
Monday - Settle in at Balenbouche, property tour and on-site beaches
Tuesday - Beach Day with Picnic Tea (nutrition session 11am-1pm)
Wednesday - Organic Farm Tour, Herbal Medicine Walk and Sunset Swim (nutrition session 11am-1pm)
Thursday - Excursion to Diamond Botanical Gardens & Mineral Baths and the town of Soufriere
Friday - Free Day
Saturday -  Beach Day with Picnic Tea (nutrition session 11am-1pm)
Sunday - Departure
The excursions in bold above are optional, though highly recommended by both Meghan and Tropical Escapes as they relate to both the theme of the retreat and the St. Lucia experience. If you would like to plan your own instead of these, click here for a list of additional options. The above package of excursions is available at an additional $100USD for all of them.
Package Pricing: SOLD OUT
Double Occupancy $1395USD
Single Occupancy $1695USD
optional excursion package $100USD
Package Inclusions: 
  • Round trip airport transfers on the retreat start and end dates (from airport code UVF only)
  • 7 nights' accommodations
  • Daily Yoga, Nutrition/Lifestyle Sessions & Guided Meditation
  • Booklet of accompanying handouts, itinerary, applicable recipes and other resource material
  • Daily coffee, tea, fruit and juice prior to am yoga, brunch, afternoon tea and dinner
  • Herbal medicine walk
  • Guided tours of the onsite organic farm, onsite beaches and estate grounds
Package Exclusions: 
  • Airfare and travel to St. Lucia
  • Gratuities including tips for taxis, tour guides, maid service etc. are at your discretion
  • Personal expenses including souvenirs, massages, incidentals, alcoholic beverages etc.
  • Travel Insurance - We recommend that you verify your health insurance coverage and purchase travel insurance
  • Excursions as listed above: Add $100USD below
*Note: There are two airports on the island. Airport code UVF, the international airport in the south, and the smaller airport in the north, code SLU. Transfers from the smaller airport in the north, SLU, are not included. You can expect to pay about $90 for the 1 ½ hour taxi ride to Balenbouche.
Registration Instructions: SOLD OUT
Please click the buttons below to submit a registration form and $500 deposit to reserve your place. Full payment is due 45 days prior to departure.
Visit our Travel Tips page to see our packing list, other recommendations about preparing for your trip and answers to frequently asked questions.
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