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Balenbouche Estate Water Wheel, St. Lucia
Deep Sea Fishing, St. Lucia
Jalousie beach, St. Lucia
Fishing boats in Choiseul, St. Lucia
Choiseul, St. Lucia
St. Lucia Craft stand
St. Lucia Drive in Volcano
Grand Anse St. Lucai
Rainforest Canopy Zipline
St. Lucia Pitons
Vieux Fort Craft Market, St. Lucia
Sandy Beach, Vieux Fort St. Lucia
Sunset Ssil, St. Lucia
Saltibus Waterfall, St. Lucia
Whale Watching, St. Lucia
Adventures and Activities: From the South, St. Lucia
Balenbouche Estate:
Duration - 3.5 hours
US $60.0 per person

A bus ride takes you to the Balenbouche Estate, a 19th century Sugar Plantation, within which is an enchanting tropical garden, set among historic ruins. Trek along a guided trail to the 18th century sugar mill and learn how sugar cane was processed and about the indigenous “Arawaks” and “Caribs” Relax in this tranquil ambience while a tropical drink is served on the verandah of the Estate House. Visit the Choiseul craft center for handicraft, before returning to your hotel.
Deep Sea Fishing Charters:
Duration - 4 hours or 7 hours
US $350.00 or $550 1-4 persons

Whether you have never been fishing or you are an experienced angler,we are happy to have you join this thrilling and exciting adventure. Take your turn at regular catches such as Wahoo, Tuna, Sailfish, Barracuda, Dorado, Blue Marlin,Long Bill Spearfish, King Fish, Spanish Mackerel, Cavali and Snapper from the "fighting chair". A rotating chair method is used to ensure everyone gets a chance at landing the "big one". Fishing can be thirsty work so the beers and sodas are provided.
Discover St. Lucia:
Duration - 8 hours
US $95.00 per person

Spend a day discovering the splendor and beauty of the island. Depart your hotel heading along the undulating southwestern coast of the island. Drive past the quaint fishing villages, and continue along the breathtaking and rugged Atlantic Coast. See vast banana and coconut plantations along the fringes of the rainforest before arriving at the bustling capital of Castries. Visit Duty Free Pointe Seraphine and the vibrant craft market for locally made handicraft and souvenirs. Explore the city of Castries before enjoying lunch at a local restaurant. Return along the beautiful west coast through the rich vegetation. Gaze upon the magnificence of the majestic Pitons as you descend into the town of Soufriere. Here you will visit the Caribbean's only drive-in volcano and the beautiful Diamond Botanical Gardens and Waterfall and then returning to your hotel.
Gros Piton Experience:
Duration - 8 hours
US $120.00 per person

This excursion in Shakespeare’s words: “Beggers All Description”. As you ascend this trail the panoramic views are all around you. Numerous brigand sites including caves, tunnels, rock shelters, camps, signal stations, look outs and landing sites can be seen. Tropical birds are plentiful and there are dramatic changes in vegetation as you ascend to the peak. After a strenuous but exhilarating climb, a steep descent and a one of a kind experience, plus a delightful lunch, we return to your hote.
Island Magic:
Duration - 8 hours
US $105.00 per person

Spend a day discovering the splendor and beauty of the island. Depart your hotel heading along the undulating southwestern coast of the island. Drive past the quaint fishing villages, and continue along the breathtaking and rugged Atlantic Coast. See vast banana and coconut plantations along the fringes of the rainforest before arriving at the bustling capital of Castries. Visit the vibrant Craft Market and Duty Free Pointe Seraphine to explore the city of Castries and enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant. Return along the beautiful west coast, though the rich vegetation before descending into the town of Soufriere and then returning to your hote.
Joy's Island Safari:
Duration - 5.5 hours
US $115.00 per person

A perfect excursion for the adventurous heart...A combination of a Land and Sea Safari, giving one the opportunity to enjoy the best that the island has to offer. Depart the hotel by the bus driving over the undulating southern part of the island, through the quaint fishing villages of Laborie and Choiseul.Abrief stop is made at the Choiseul Craft Center where you can purchase locally made craft items. Join a 30ft speed boat to cruise along the scenic west coast to the beautiful Marigot Bay and then onto one of the island's intimate coves to swim, snorkel and partake of an inland-style beach barbeque. Rejoin the boat will take you back to the dock at Soufriere where the bus will be waiting for you to take you back to your hotel.
Rainforest Canopy Adventure:
Duration - 4 hours
US $110.00 per person

A drive along the east coast, then inland, brings you to the welcome center situated in the heart of the rain forest. This is a thrilling adventure, with nothing to compare as you zip along 500 ft lengths of cable at heights ranging from 30 ft to 50 ft.

Enjoy a bird’s eye view as you zip through 9 platforms, glide over the tree tops, across rivers and feel the thrill of “flying” through lush tropical vegetation. Reawaken your sense of adventure on this stunningly breathtaking ride, which will leave you with a renewed appreciation of nature. Return to the start up point, to join the bus for the ride back to the hotel.
Rainforest Escape:
Duration - 4 hours
US $70.00 per person

Enjoy an incredibly scenic journey, high up through the mountain community of Fond St. Jacques, to the heart of the island’s forest reserve. Proceed on a guided tour through the Forest Reserve, amidst an array of beautiful tropical flowers, massive trees, ferns and animal life. Glimpse St. Lucia’s rare national parrot, the Amazona Versicolour, see Redneck Pigeons, Hummingbirds, and a host of indigenous birds, you may catch a glimpse of a Boa Constrictor. Although mildly strenuous, it is a wonderfully exhilarating experience which provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the forest and enjoy a dip in a cool rainforest waterfall before hiking out and returning to your hotel.
Sailing Adventures:
Duration – 5 or 9 hours
US $100 or $150 per person

Sail the calm, Caribbean Sea and enjoy viewing the magnificent coastline, including the dramatic Pitons, from the sea. Stop to swim, snorkel and relax on the beach. The trip includes snorkeling equipment, beer, rum punch, water, soda, juice, snacks and a champagne toast at sunset if you choose the afternoon sail half day or the full day trip. The full day sail also includes lunch.
Shopping Sensation:
Duration - 8 hours
US $105.00 per person

Travel via water taxi on a 45 minute ride takes you along the breathtakingly scenic southwestern coastline to the capital, Castries. Disembark and visit Duty Free Point Seraphine which is home to popular shops like Columbian Emeralds, Harry Edwards and Clear Blue.

A stop at the local Castries Market is a must. Shop for locally-made craft and jewelry, batik printed clothing, souvenirs spices, hot sauce and rum. Have lunch at your leisure before rejoining the boat for the ride back to Soufriere, with a cruise through the yachting haven Marigot Bay, where the movie “Dr Doolittle” was filmed.
Sunset Splendor:
Duration - 2 hours
US $50.00 per person

Capture the magic of a tropical dusk and the unimaginable beauty of the skyline as you enjoy the breathtaking Caribbean sunset aboard a sailboat. There are complimentary drinks and delicious hors d’oeuvres are served while you admire the beauty of the evening sky. See the Soufriere coastline and the majestic Pitons, while the slowly sinking sun gives way to night fall, before the boat makes its return to the dock.
Treasures of Soufriere:
Duration - 4 hours
US $95.00 per person

Experience the best of Soufriere. A short drive from your hotel takes you to the Diamond Botanical Gardens. This multi-award winning site combines a well-manicured garden and a spectacular waterfall, with a natural trail that meanders through a kaleidoscope of amazingly beautiful tropical flora and fauna. Onto the Sulphur Springs in the Caribbean’s only drive-in Volcano. There a knowledgeable guide explains and walks the trail with you and explains the marvels of this amazing area. Continue onto Fond Doux Estate where the trail will traverse this working plantation, through the tropical fruit garden to the charming 19th century plantation house. Relax and enjoy a tropical drink before returning to you hotel.
Waterfall Safari:
Duration - 3 hours
US $65.00 per person

Visit three spectacular Waterfalls on the island. The first, the Piton Waterfall, gives you a chance to relax and soak in its warm water, in a natural outdoor setting. Continue onwards to the Spyke Waterfall, walk along a brief trail through natural forest and take a cool dip in the fresh cascading water of this glorious waterfall. Then onto the Toraille Waterfall, which drops 50 feet, into a pool at the center of a beautiful garden of lush greens and bright tropical colors. Enjoy a dip at the base of this waterfall and a cold beverage in this amazing garden before heading back to the hotel.
Whale & Dolphin Watching:
Duration - 4 hours
US $70.00 per person

Prepare to be stunned by Mother Nature as you set out on this awe inspiring trip today. Relax as you watch the beautiful coast line go by and the majestic pitons in the distance. Hear the cries of, and spot these great mammals in the ocean on this hydrophone-equipped boat. Among the species of these gentle giants which could be spotted are the Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales, Dwarf Sperm Whales, Bottle Nose and Fraser Dolphins. There is an 80% chance of spotting these awesome mammals. Feel the thrill as these mammals emerge and rise majestically out of the ocean.
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